Finger Stretches, Barre Chords, and Hand Strain

We've done The Plate Lunch Episode, we've done The Meatball Sub Episode, and now we bring you The Loco Moco Episode. Despite being fueled up on loco mocos, and without our voice of reason (Aaron "the Voice" Nakamura) the guys still manage to stay on track and answer a variety of ukulele questions. They talk about how to stretch out your hands and free up your pinky for wider chords. Mike offers some insight into slash chords, and Aldrine struggles but manages to demonstrate campanellas. The guys spend the majority of the lesson talking about barre chords and how to hold them without straining your hands.

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Questions Asked this Week:
5:25 Playing a chord that requires a stretch of the pinky.

17:05 What are slash chords?

21:50 Can you talk about campanellas?

30:30 Any tips for holding barre chords?

38:05 Playing without straining your hand.

45:20 It's not the uke, it's you. Keep going!

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