Hammer Ons, Herb Ohta Jr, & Thumb Picks

On this week's Live Lesson, Aldrine and the guys answers a wide range of ukulele questions. They covers everything from hammer ons to thumb picks. Aldrine also talks about some of his wish list questions that he would ask Herb Ohta Jr during a private lesson. A rarity for TLL, Aldrine also welcomes non ukulele questions. They close out the lesson by talking about dead strings and the sun's effect on strings and ukuleles in general.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:35 How do you improve the volume of your hammer ons?

8:05 Hammer on multiple notes

18:30 Where do your parents live?

22:45 Why Aldrine loves Kauai.

25:55 Why did Aaron go to college in Fort Collins?

30:35 What extra curricular activities did you do in Colorado?

33:40 What would you want to ask Herb Ohta Jr in a private lesson?

41:20 Wound or unwound low G?

44:45 What's your opinion on thumb picks?

51:05 Polished wound low G strings

52:40 The sun's effects on strings and ukes.

References/resources for this video:
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Ukulele 101 - Week 10: Picking on the Ukulele
Uke Minutes - Pull Offs

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