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Hey UUers!

On this episode of Ukulele Challenge, the guys pit Aldrine against a 14 year old kid? But this isn't your average teenager. Evan J De Silva is an ultra talented ukulele player, and Aldrine has one hour to figure out how to play one of Evan's original compositions entitled "Stallion". Will Aldrine be able to keep up with the young charger, or will he fall short of a passing grade?

Watch Evan perform his original composition of Stallion. And be sure to check out Evan's YouTube channel for more awesome ukulele videos.

After you're done watching Aldrine's successes AND failures, try your own hand at figuring out a song or a melody. It doesn't have to be as difficult as "Stallion", any challenge big or small will make you a better ukulele player! Have fun and in the words of Evan "Let's Uke On!"

-UU Staff

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