Rhumba Bass Pattern, Bends, & Disco Ukulele

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys kick things off by exploring the Rhumba bass pattern. Aldrine offers his best advice for improving the quality of bends, and he also talks about some of his ukulele tricks and the inspiration behind them. The guys finish up the lesson by showcasing their original songs. Kahai debuts his "saxsational" acoustic jam, while Aaron and Aldrine play some disco ukulele.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:45 How do you play a Rhumba bass pattern on the ukulele?

13:05 Learning by listening

19:20 How do you improve the sound of your bends?

23:25 How do you work around other strings when bending a note?

29:20 How did you learn to bend using more than one finger?

30:55 How do you bend the C-String?

33:15 Ukulele Tricks

37:50 Song Writing Challenge

39:05 Aldrine's Song

45:20 Kahai's Song

50:30 Aaron's Song

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