Practice Tips and Manny's Amazing Uke Case

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys each share their own personal practice tips. Aldrine talks about how 5 musical albums shaped his playing and dominated his practice time. Kahai shares his unique way of warming up, and Aaron blows us away with his amazing custom made ukulele case for Manny the Rooster. They wrap up the lesson by setting the guidelines for the next song writing challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 Can you talk about your personal approach to practicing?

7:10 How did Aldrine practice when he was younger?

14:15 How does Aaron approach practice?

16:35 How does Kahai warm-up?

29:30 When will you have another song challenge?

34:00 Aldrine's love for Japanese ukulele players

43:45 Manny's Amazing Ukulele Case

54:45 The Rules for the next challenge:
Key of C
1 Major chord and 1 minor chord
Bonus: Hawaiian Vamp
Pull-Offs and Hammer-Ons
Uncommon Time Signature

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