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Play along with the ukulele cover of "I Like Me Better" (Lauv) performed by Aldrine (ukulele), Mike (bass), and the very talented Keilana (guitar and vocals). Although Keilana's voice might lead you to believe this tune is sweet and simple, it includes some interesting chords and a syncopated rhythm. Try playing along with the Play-Along above, and if you need some extra help learning this song, start with STEP 1 below:

STEP 1 - The Chords

Here are all the chords you'll need to play along with the song:

G5(0235), Csus2(0035), Em7(0435), Em(0432), D(2220), C5(003X)

Practice holding each chord and memorize the names of each chord. When you can see the name of the chord and instantly know how to hold it, you're ready to move on.

STEP 2 - Chord Switching

Now that you can hold all of the chords and know them by name, you need to be able to switch chords smoothly. The three chords used in the verse and chorus of this song are all very similar in shape. Focus on removing or adding the appropriate finger when switching between each chord and you'll have them down in no time. Play along with the practice video below and be sure to switch to the next chord right on time with Aldrine.

Once you feel comfortable playing along with the verse and chorus chords, move on to the chords used in the bridge. If you're a beginner and are a bit confused by the C5 chord, here's a little hint: Aldrine uses a rest stroke to play this chord. You just strum the top three strings, and let your finger rest on the bottom string so it doesn't ring out. Just like before, practice your chord switches along with Aldrine.

Once you can hold the chords, switch between them, and play them at the right times, you can already play the song! Go back to the Play-Along video at the top of the page and play through the whole song, holding the chords and strumming them at the right times when they change. Give yourself a pat on the back, you've just played the beginner version of this song.

STEP 3 - The Strumming

Now that you're able to switch to all of the right chords at the right time, let's work on the strumming. Mute your strings with your fretting hand so you can focus solely on your strumming hand for now. Aldrine starts off with simple down strums, moves on to doubling up each strum, and eventually adds up-strums in between each down. Don't overthink what he's playing, just try to follow along. If at any point the strumming becomes too difficult, just keep strumming the last rhythm you felt comfortable with.

Once you have the foundation of the rhythm down, it's time to start adding in some flair. Aldrine plays a syncopated rhythm by adding in accents and chunking. Do your best to just follow along and feel your way through the strumming. Try not to dissect every little accent or strum. Instead just watch, listen, and copy to your best ability.

Once you can play along with the basic strumming or even the more advanced syncopated strumming, you can now add rhythm to the song! Go back to the Play-Along video at the top of the page and play through the whole song, switching through the chords and using the strumming rhythm that you learned.

STEP 4 - The Picking

Alright, now that you can play the chords and strum a groovy rhythm, let's spice it up with some picking. The picking for this song is fairly simple but it's also pretty quick. Play along with the video below trying your best to match the notes and rhythm.

That's a wrap! Once you can play all the way through the chords, rhythm, and picking videos, test your skills by playing along with the Play-Along video at the top of the page. If you're a beginner taking on one of your first songs, kudos! This song isn't the easiest to start with. If you are a more seasoned player, congratulations to you as well. The somewhat unusual chords along with the tricky rhythm, makes this an interesting little challenge. Got any questions? We're always here for you! Keep learning and keep strummin'


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