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Hey UUers!

On this episode of Ukulele Challenge, we're changing things up and taking to the streets! Usually the guys challenge Adlrine to figure out a song by ear, but this time they challenge him to teach 5 Random strangers how to play the ukulele! Watch as Aldrine wanders through Kapa'a Town looking for 5 random strangers who are brave enough to take an ukulele crash course. And just like before, he has only 1 hour to finish the challenge! Can Aldrine teach 5 random strangers how to play UKULELE? Or does he give into the shame? Find out, on Ukulele Challenge!

Enjoy this unique challenge, and don't forget that you can spread the joy of the ukulele too!

-UU Staff


  1. This was great. It is so much fun to see you guys out and about trying to teach the ukulele. Aldrine has such a great personality it is nice to see him interacting with people out in public.
    Peace Love and Ukulele!

  2. Another example of your great teaching skills, Aldrine. You’re a natural at it and your enthusiasm is contagious! One of the reasons why I’m hooked on UU+.

  3. Wow! What an uplifting and amazing guy! I’m
    Going to save this information and pass it along to SOTF! We are a camping group that live to play the ukulele!
    Happy strumming,

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