Amps, Fret Wires, and Touring Friends

It's funny that an episode all about tech has some technical difficulties of its own. On this week's Live Lesson the guys test out a different streaming system which causes some intermittent audio/video issues. Nevertheless, the guys field a variety of questions, most of which center around accessories. They talk about various amplifies, pedals, and cables. Aldrine also talks a bit about fretboards and well dressed fret wires. They wrap up the lesson by sharing some of their favorite musicians to tour with.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 What's a good small amp for the ukulele?

16:20 Pedals and Microphones

24:10 How much do your cables cost?

27:15 How often do you need to change the bulb in your amp?

29:10 Does tuning up a whole step cause intonation problems?

36:25 Do you like higher fret wires?

44:40 Why did old ukes have fretboards that were flush with the body?

49:05 The trend of percussive ukulele

51:30 Aldrine's favorite musicians to tour with.

55:00 Who does Aaron like touring with?

1:01:35 Have you ever tried the cables with the button to switch it off?

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