Ukulele Wood, Original Songs, and Hot Sauce

On this week's Live Lesson, you're watching Hot Ones. It's the show with hot questions and even hotter strings. Just kidding, the guys didn't talk about strings but they did chow down on some hot popcorn chicken and spam musubis. Of course we couldn't have a fun and weird episode without our favorite Magic Mike in the house. Before the feast, the guys talk about ukulele wood types and the most difficult solo ukulele songs. They also share their vastly different original songs. Aldrine starts America's newest dance crazy with his tune, while Kahai makes a rare appearance with an acoustic slack key original, and Aaron brings it home (home on the range) with his own country song. Finally the guys close out the episode by trying some of the hottest hot sauces available.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:15 In your opinion, what's the best sounding wood for ukuleles?

5:30 An interesting history of rose wood

13:00 Aldrine talks about the next AG model of Kanile'a Ukulele

16:15 What is Mike's favorite wood for ukulele?

22:20 Call and Response in Solo Ukulele

25:55 What's the most difficult solo ukulele song that you know how to play?

31:10 Technical vs Musical

33:55 Aldrine's Song

38:25 Kahai's Song

42:30 Aaron's Song

49:25 The guys embark on the Hot One's Challenge

55:00 Have you ever used a wireless system for your ukulele?

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