Wider Necks, Koa Wood, and Dancing?

This week on Thursday Live Lesson, the guys discuss the wider neck of Kanilea Ukuleles. Aldrine talks about the benefits of a wider neck and learning to adapt to playing with them. They guys also talk about koa wood and why it's so pricey, as well as the differences between koa and acacia. The wrap up the lesson by announcing the winners of the last song writing challenge and setting the rules for the next one.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:15 How do you adjust to playing Kanilea's wider necks?

9:25 What are the benefits of an ukulele with a wider neck?

14:00 Can a luthier make a neck more narrow?

27:40 Acacia vs Koa

37:40 Announcing the winners from the latest song writing competition.

45:55 Is your ukulele made of koa?

47:50 What is the easiest size of ukulele for a beginner?

49:40 What causes the curls in koa?

51:45 The Rules for the next challenge:
Chords: A, D and E only (no other chords)
Bonus: Chord inversions
Cowboy Music/ American Folk
Slack Key
Super Bonus: Create an accompanying dance

References/resources for this video:
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