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On this week's surprisingly focused Live Lesson, Aldrine answers a quick question before the guys unveil their original songs. Each of them faced a different set of challenges which shaped their songs in various ways. They talk about the need to write certain songs just to get it out, and the magic that can come from last minute projects. Aldrine shares an exciting announcement regarding his AGxAQ strings, and they wrap up the lesson with a quick discussion about the clawhammer technique.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:25 Why do you teach the Bm7 chords instead of the Bm?

8:15 Bm7 vs Bm on a low G vs high G ukulele

10:10 Correction: The Bo Diddley Beat

15:30 The Song Writing Challenge

17:00 Aldrine's Song

21:10 Aldrine's back against the wall story

24:10 Kahai's Song

32:50 Have you ever used FL studio?

34:00 Aaron's Song

48:20 Aldrine's ukulele strings announcement

49:25 Are you required to use G and D throughout your entire original song?

52:05 What chords did Aaron use in his song?

57:55 Is clawhammer different from bluegrass?

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Uke Lesson - L-O-V-E (featuring Craig and Sarah)
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