Realistic Uke Maintenance and String Talk

Initially light on questions, Aldrine begins this weeks Live Lesson by talking honestly about how often he changes his strings. This opens the floodgates and the guys spend the majority of the lesson answering questions about strings and ukulele maintenance. They also discuss various causes for unwanted buzzing. Aldrine ends the lesson by setting up the rules for the next song writing challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 How often do you actually change your strings?

18:30 What's the best way to clean your strings?

23:20 Why is there a strange buzz after changing my strings?

26:25 Can I put tenor strings on a concert ukulele?

27:35 Other issues that may cause buzzing.

31:05 What brand of strings do you think are the best?

32:30 Do you oil your ukulele?

38:25 Can you reuse strings or transfer them from one uke to another?

42:15 How Aldrine breaks in his strings.

56:05 The winners from last song writing challenge.

58:45 The rules for the next challenge:
Chords: G & D
Bonus: Chord Inversions
3/4 or 6/8 time signature

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