Song Selection, Mastery, and Making Mistakes

On this week's Thursday Live Lesson Aldrine gets passionate as he answers a lengthy question about UU's song selection for tutorials. The guys pull back the curtain and talk about how they go about picking song, what songs they avoid, and what songs surprised them with their popularity. Aldrine shares one of his "good guy Jake" stories before talking about mastering songs vs moving on when you feel like it. Aaron also shares the purpose of the new Ukulele Challenge, and Kahai chimes in with some sage and cartoony advice. They wrap up the lesson by setting up the rules for the next song writing challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:55 How do you decide what songs to do each month?

17:10 Do you avoid songs because of your vocal range?

23:30 What videos surprised you with their popularity after releasing them?

27:00 Aldrine's version of "I'm Yours"

30:30 Another Jake Story

33:40 Moving on without mastering a song.

47:05 The purpose of the song challenge.

56:40 Ukulele Singer Songwriters

58:50 The rules for the next song writing challenge:
Key of F: I, vi, IV, V
Bonus: Lyrics, 50's style

References/resources for this video:
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Youtube - Imagine (John Lennon)
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Youtube - Aldrine's version of I'm Yours
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Youtube - Buttercup (Aldrine Guerrero)

Live Lesson Replay - Aldrine talks about how to practice toward a song, and practice vs playing.
Live Lesson Replay - Aldrine talks about practice structure (28:00)
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Youtube - Cavetown
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Youtube - Julia Nunes
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