Learn to play "Lost In Japan" by Shawn Mendes

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Play along with the ukulele cover of "Lost In Japan" (Shawn Mendes) performed by Evan Khay (guitar), Mike Odo (bass), and Aldrine (ukulele). Just follow the chords and the basic rhythm of the song to play along. If you need some step-by-step help guiding you through learning this song, start with STEP 1 below:

STEP 1 - The Chords

Here are all the chords you'll need to play along with the song:

Amaj7(1100), Bm7(2222), F#m(2120), Dmaj7(2224)

Practice holding each chord and memorize the names of each chord. Once you're able to see the name of the chord and instantly know how to hold it, you're ready to move on.

STEP 2 - Chord Switching

Now that you can hold all of the chords and know them by name, you need to be able to switch chords smoothly. Do your best to play along with the chord switching video below, switching to the next chord right on time.

You may have noticed that Aldrine adds in a little flourish every other time that he plays the Dmaj7. The walkdown that he plays is pretty quick (one chord per beat). Learn the chords that he uses, then practice along with the following video, until it becomes natural.

(2225), (2224), (2222), (2252)

Once you can hold the chords, switch between them, and play them at the right times, you can already play the song! Go back to the Play-Along video at the top of the page and play through the whole song, holding the chords and strumming them at the right times when they change. If you're a beginner, You did it! You've just played the beginner version of this song.

STEP 3 - Basic Rhythm

Now that you're able to switch to all of the right chords at the right times, you can focus on your strumming hand. The rhythm might sound a little tricky, but it's really just a simple strum with some added accents and rests. Play along with the rhythm video below and accent (or emphasize) strums when the blue dot gets bigger.

Watch, listen, and follow along. If you feel like you're off beat, relax and try to listen more while thinking less. It will come! Play along with the video as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the rhythm.

Once you can play along with the basic strumming for the song, you can now play and strum the song! Go back to the Play-Along video at the top of the page and play through the whole song, switching through the chords and playing the strumming rhythm that you learned. If you're an intermediate ukulele player, great job! You've just played the intermediate version of this song.

STEP 4 - Advanced Rhythm

If you are able to play through the Play-Along video using the basic strum rhythm pretty easily and you want to take it up a notch, feel free to move on to the advanced rhythm. In the Play-Along video, Aldrine uses the chunk to emphasize certain strums. Play along with the rhythm video below and chunk every time the blue dot gets bigger. Keep practicing with the video until this rhythm feel smooth and natural. If you're having trouble with chunking, check out this VIDEO or watch Lesson 8 of Ukulele 101.

STEP 5 - Putting it All Together

You can play the chords and you can play the rhythm, now it's time to put it all together. Practice with the following video until you feel comfortable combining the chords progression with the rhythm pattern.

Once you can play all the way through the chord and rhythm practice video, test your skills by playing along with the Play-Along video at the top of the page. It may have taken a lot of work, but now you can add another song to your repertoire and more tools to your musician's tool belt! Congratulations! As always if you have any questions, you know where to find us.

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