Hey UUers!

It's a brand new year and here on UU, it's a year of growth, development, and CHALLENGE. Ukulele Underground has always had the goal of helping ukulele players everywhere to improve and grow. But sometimes the best way to grow is to stretch beyond your limits and step outside of your comfort zone. So today, as an example of one such stretch, we unveil the new UU show: UKULELE CHALLENGE!

On the first episode, the guys (Kahai and Aaron) challenge Aldrine to tackle the daunting video game theme "Megalovania" (from Undertale). Aldrine's task is to learn the song and arrange it for solo ukulele ... in just 1 hour. Check out the video to share all of the triumphs and heartaches along the way. Then challenge yourself to figure out a new song for yourself! Be sure to comment below or on the YouTube video to let us know what you think or suggest songs for a future challenge. A very special MAHALO to Marc G for suggesting this tune. Good luck, uke players - may your new year be filled with ukulele growth, development, and challenge!

-UU Staff


  1. This is great! I wondered where you were going with it at the start, but then it all seemed to come together nicely. Don’t know how you did it in an hour though – kudos!

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