Chord Subs, Original Songs, & The Simpsons

Magic Mike is back! And he brings some juicy music theory, a "Sweet and Sour" original song, and THE SIMPSONS! The guys begin the lesson by revisiting the chords for this week's song writing challenge and asking Mike "What the Heck? And how dare you!" After a healthy dose of music theory, they each share their original songs. They follow it up with an awesome little giveaway, and Aldrine wraps up the show by finally sharing his process for arranging the Simpsons theme song.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:55 Why do Amb9 and Bbsus4 fit in the song writing challenge?

10:35 Mike's Original Song "Sweet and Sour Lunch Meat"

15:55 What are half diminished chords?

20:50 Aldrine's Song "Sour Guava Jam"

26:15 Aaron's Song

35:25 Kahai's Song

44:25 Song Writing Challenge Giveaway

46:25 How Mike helped Aldrine arrange the Simpsons Theme song on the ukulele.

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Ukulele Challenge - Megalovania (Undertale) 1 Hour Arrangement!
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