Trying New Things and Learning New Skills

With Magic Mike on ice for another week, the guys spend the majority of this lessons talking about trying new things and learning the same skill in a number of ways. Aldrine answers a beginner question which leads him to a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about some of the challenges he overcame and his method for learning new things on the ukulele. The guys also talk about some of their new content here on UU and what's to come.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 The benefits of trying the song writing challenge.

7:15 Why the A7 Chord works for the songs writing challenge.

10:05 The new challenge show on UU.

20:15 How do you anchor your thumb when you change from C to F?

32:10 Learning to hold chords with different grips.

37:30 Learning how to do things in a number of ways.

44:05 How Aldrine figured out techniques.

52:40 Aldrine's Jake Story (Pua Ting)

56:35 No bad or wrong questions.

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