Music Theory and History with Mike

On this week's Live Lesson, Magic Mike returns for our monthly dose of music theory. The guys end up spending the majority of the lesson discussing unconventional choices in music. First up, Mike explains some chord choices in a particular song that aren't in the song's key. He detours with a bit of music history, and explains the evolving acceptance of various sounds (E.g. the Devil's Chord). The guys also discuss unorthodox bands and musicians who push the boundaries in music. Lastly, they circle back to music theory and discuss its relationship to actually playing music.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:55 Mike's Billionaire Story

7:40 Can you explain the chord choices in "Speechless"?

15:45 The similiarity of Country Music and Hawaiian Music

22:05 The iv of iv

32:00 A brief lesson in Music History

40:05 Being different in Music

47:50 Could you talk about parallel modes?

57:30 Do you think about music theory while you're playing?

1:07:45 Where in the world is Magic Mike Odo?

References/resources for this video:
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Youtube - Mike jamming with Kenny Loggins

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Improvement System - Solo Secrets Revealed

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