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Hey UUers!

November is here! But before you start gearing up for those end of year festivities, take a break with this month's Uke Lesson. We're teaching you how to play a song entitled "She" by the band Green Day. For this lesson, we'll be leaning toward the Mad Caddies cover which uses a laid back reggae strum perfect for the ukulele.

Whether you want to punk it up or ska it out, both versions of the song use the same 3 chords. If you struggle with barre chords or that pesky Bb chord shape, this song is just what you need to get over the hump. Aldrine teaches you a nifty little shortcut to make the chord switch even easier. He also shows you couple of reggae strums that range from easy to pinky mute master. To top it all off, Aldrine teaches you the picking solo to really polish off the tune.

Stick around! We're already cookin up some merry little Christmas song lessons for next month.

-UU Staff

Techniques Used in Lesson:

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