The Results of the Challenge

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys regroup to unveil their original songs from last lesson's song writing challenge. Before the big reveal, Aldrine answers a few questions about different variables that can affect the sound of your ukulele. First up to bat, Aldrine performs his original song and explains some of the choices he made when creating it. Next up, Aaron (the Voice) lives up to his nickname when he presents his lyrical masterpiece. Kahai (the man behind the challenge itself) brings it all home when he plays his not-so-original song, followed by his actual original piece. The guys wrap things up by setting the stage for the next challenge, answering a quick question about amps, and talking about a new challenge centered show on UU.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:45 Does your body's contact with the back of the uke, affect its sound?

10:25 Do think straps affect the sound of the ukulele?

13:35 The Challenge

15:20 Aldrine's Song

22:10 Aaron's Song

35:50 Kahai's Song

48:40 What amps work well with the ukulele?

51:05 The guidelines for the next challenge:
Key of C
Chords: ii, iii, V, vi
Bonus Ingredients: Augmented, Lyrics, 3/4 or 6/8

55:50 The new YouTube Challenge Show

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