Musical Maturity, Music Theory and Musical Fluency

On last week's Live Lesson, Aaron said "music is meant to be played with others". This week, Magic Mike Odo returns to help the guys explore the concept of groove, musical maturity, and the benefits or playing with others. But first, the guys talk briefly about Hawaiian music, and its often times driving rhythm. Mike mints the term "Contrabass Ukulele". A question about accenting and groove, leads the guys to a conversation about developing musical maturity. Mike shares a few ways he developed his musical maturity, and explains how taste will usually develop faster than technique. He also explains the important function that bass players carry. A few music theory questions ignites a discussion about the language of music, and Mike explains the benefits of learning music theory to better communicate said language.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:50 Student Review

16:45 The importance of the bass and when less is more.

26:15 How do you improve your musical maturity?

35:30 How do you know what to accent when you play with others?

47:10 Why should you learn music theory?

48:20 When should you learn to read musical notation?

55:35 The language of music and the role of music theory.

1:06:30 Can you explain how to find the "flat" in a minor chord?

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  1. Cool stuff! Was surprised to hear that intonation was the same, cause isn’t the equal temperament a west music phenomenon?

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