Looping, Grooving, & Slotted Headstocks

The boys are back! They spend the majority of this week's lesson on looping. The guys discuss various loop pedals and how they work, different musicians who utilize loopers, and Aldrine breaks down his approach to looping. It's ironic that on a lesson all about loop pedals, the most profound thing said was "Music is meant to be played with other people." The guys try to examine the nebulous concept of "groove" and offer their best tips for improving grooving. They also briefly discuss slotted headstocks, and wrap up the lesson by announcing the winner of last week's giveaway.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:55 Do you have any tips for using a loop pedal

27:45 How do you loop when the verse and chorus have different chord progressions?

39:40 Aldrine talks about the features of his loop pedal.

41:40 Do you plug your uke directly into a looper?

42:35 Can you pre-record a loop before you perform?

44:40 Is there a screen on your looper?

47:25 Is there any advantage to having a slotted headstock?

56:45 How do you improve "groove"?

58:20 How would you define groove?

1:01:40 Give-Away winner announced

References/resources for this video:
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Uke Lesson - Escape (Aldrine uses a loop pedal in the Play-Along video)
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Aloha Friday Concert - Replay (Uke on a Stick)
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Website - Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer

Youtube - Quest Love

UU Podcast - James Hill

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