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This time on Songs Made Easy, Aldrine teaches you how to play "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. The original recording of this song was done in the key of Eb and Bb, and it's chock-full of barre chords. To save you the hassle, Aldrine teaches you the song in the friendly key of G. He also shows you a simplified strumming pattern so you can focus on channeling your inner Stevie Nicks.

If you want to learn "Landslide" in its original key, check out our Uke Lesson. As mentioned before, the song relies almost entirely on barre chords. Instead of a strumming pattern, Aldrine teaches you a fingerpicking pattern which emulates that iconic backing guitar. He also shows you an added picking solo. This is a solid intermediate lesson and a worthy challenge, but with enough time and practice, it is doable!

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  1. That was really great! I am very much a beginner and bouncing around on various uke sites trying to learn. You have a great way of explaining and making it do-able. Tips on the chord transitions helped immensely. I could play along pretty good by the end of the lesson. Thank you!! I will be looking into your site a lot further!

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