Learn to play "Everything Stays" by Rebecca Sugar on Ukulele

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This month's Whiteboard Request teaches you how to play a song written by Rebecca Sugar, entitled "Everything Stays" from an episode of Adventure Time. Even if you're not a fan of the cartoon, you can still appreciate this sweet lullaby-like tune. But don't let the mellow sounds lull you, this song is somewhat challenging. It uses 9 chords, and the chord progressions aren't exactly simple. To help lighten the load, Aldrine gives you extra pointers for efficient chord switches. He also shows you a straight forward strumming, as well as a couple of alternate fingerpicking patterns. Give yourself some extra time to really nail down those chords, and you'll be crooning it in no time.

Check out the Chords and Lyrics from "Everything Stays"

Watch Rebecca Sugar's performance of "Everything Stays": VIDEO

Techniques Used in Lesson:

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