Learn to play the "Super Mario Bros." Nintendo Theme Song

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Hey UUers!

Ah October, something about those Halloween traditions that bring back so many childhood memories. For this month's lesson, we're taking a trip down memory lane and teaching you how to play an iconic song that will have your inner child jumping for coins. So dust off your Nintendos and get ready to learn the Super Mario Bros Theme Song by Koji Kondo.

Heads up: this song is about as challenging as the final showdown with Bowser himself. It's filled with tons of techniques and quick picking. The good news, this song repeats itself a lot, and Aldrine breaks down each measure for you so you can learn the individual bars and piece it all together. He also throws in some added goodies so you can wow your friends with those unmistakable Super Mario sounds. This one is a doosey for sure, but if you can power through, you'll level up your playing like Mario with a super mushroom!

Speaking of throwbacks, one of our first Uke Lessons covered the song from Tetris. If you're a fan of video games, be sure to check it out along with our UU+ Solo Lesson teaching the Pokemon Center Theme Song.

-UU Staff

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