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On this week's special Thursday "not so Live" Lesson, Aldrine breaks down his crowing musical achievement: the Bandito Tyler Album. He unmasks the bandit and reveals the origins of the character. For the first time ever, Aldrine shares the meaning of each song as well as the inspiration behind them. He also discusses his writing process, recording choices, and plans for the future of the bandit, or shall we say "Bandits". To top it all off, the guys wrap things up by giving away one of the few remaining available physical copies of the album.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:50 The origin story of Bandito Tyler

6:50 Writing the song "Bandito Tyler"

17:10 Senor Victor

18:45 Senorita Roja

19:30 The Heist

21:35 Escape on Sugar

23:25 El Baesa

24:55 Dance with a Bandit

26:40 Don Miguel

28:15 The art design on the album

30:20 Sound design and musical choices

37:50 Aldrine's writing process

39:05 Song Influences

41:50 Sneak peak into "Bandits"

45:30 Giveaway Details

References/resources for this video:
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Aloha Friday Concert - Replay (Bandito Tyler)
Youtube - Dragon (Jake Shimabukuro)

Youtube - Senor Victor

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UU+ Solos - The Heist
Aloha Friday Concert - Replay (The Heist)

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Facebook - Aldrine playing for The Simpsons

Amazon - Bandito Tyler (the Album)
iTunes - Bandito Tyler (the Album)
Google Play - Bandito Tyler (the Album)

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