Ghost Notes, Chord Melodies, & Spicing Up Songs

The bulk of this week's lesson focuses on making songs more interesting, while also admiring those who keep it simple. First, Aldrine demonstrates how to play ghost notes on Low G ukuleles without overpowering the song. He shifts the conversation over to chord melodies, and the guys share their appreciation for artists like Herb Ohta Jr. who's genius comes from simplicity. They swap back to talking about how to spice up songs with techniques. Aldrine also shares the origin story of Kanile'a's E-Silk finish, and talks a bit about his early experience with ukulele strings. The guys wrap up the lesson by announcing the winner for last week's giveaway.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 How do you play ghost notes on Low G?

11:20 Different styles of chord melodies and Herb Ohta Jr.

29:10 Is that a Kanile'a E-Silk ukulele?

34:25 How do you make a simple song more interesting with techniques?

37:30 How would you spice up a strumming song?

47:20 Can we jam some songs at Uke-Tober Fest?

51:50 What kind of strings did you start with?

1:00:25 Giveaway Winner

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