Becoming a Professional Ukulele Musician

This week, the guys answer a couple of questions and swap a few stories. First up, they share some exciting Thursday Live Lesson announcements. Aldrine answers a few questions; some common (like "to strap or not to strap") and other's a little more unique. The guys reminisce about the first time they got paid for playing music before they wrap up with a few more questions and a give-away.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:45 TLL Announcements

8:50 To strap or not to strap?

17:45 Why is your ukulele named Mary Jane?

21:50 What straps do you recommend?

24:30 Have you ever taught ukulele to a famous person?

29:55 The first time Aldrine got paid for playing the ukulele.

37:50 Aaron's first time getting paid for playing music.

42:40 Aldrine's first gig.

49:00 Can you talk about the action on expensive ukuleles?

51:20 The characteristics of high action vs low action

1:02:05 Would you install a pickup on a high end ukulele?

1:04:00 Give-Away details

References/resources for this video:
Youtube - UU's Youtube Channel

Website - Ola Ka 'Aina CD
Uke Lesson - Valerie (Feat. Karlie G)

Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks more about straps)
TLL Podcast #21 - The Book of Jake (More on straps)
Youtube - Aldrine performing without a strap

Aloha Friday Jam - Last Week's Replay (The guys talked more about Spider-Man)
Aloha Friday Jam - Replay (Aldrine plays CMJ)
Youtube - Japanese Spider-Man
Youtube - Italian Spider-Man

Duos - Kyle Furusho
Live Lesson - Replay (With Kyle Furusho)
Duos - Matt Dahlberg
Full Course - Webcam Sessions with Matt Dahlberg
Youtube - Hotel Transylvania

Uke Lesson - Your Man (Featuring Randell Giminiz)

The Ukulele Site - Action Set Up
TLL Podcast #9 - Right Hand Struggles & Left Hand Learning (More on action and set-up)

Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Aladrine talks more about his pickup and DI)
Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks about various DI's and pickups) (27:00)

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