How to Arrange Songs (Plus Anime)

A few week's ago, the guys spent an entire lesson talking about the endless options of chord substitutions for arranging songs. This week, they discuss the overall process of arranging songs. Aldrine gives you a peak into his mind (it's filled with anime and lego blocks) and his process for writing arrangements and original pieces. The guys discuss the importance of highlighting certain details, prioritizing what stays and what goes, and knowing when to keep it simple. Aldrine breaks down some of his own arrangements as well as some of Jake's famous covers. Aaron shares his process for writing original songs, while fanboys Aldrine and Kahai admire his approach to creating song concepts and lyrics.

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Questions Asked this Week:
5:20 How do you arrange complex instrumental pieces?

12:10 Aldrine breaksdown Jake's arrangement of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

16:10 Changing the key to suit the ukulele.

19:05 What's your favorite key to arrange songs in?

19:25 How Aldrine arranged "Blackbird" with an emphasis on rhythm patterns.

25:40 Using accents and emphasis to your advantage.

28:35 Aldrine breaks down his composition of "Senor Viktor"

33:00 The Lego Analogy: How Aldrine builds songs and arrangements

43:05 More isn't always better.

48:05 Song recommendations for practicing fingerpicking patterns.

51:05 Kahai and Aaron's approach to writing songs.

1:05:30 What are your top must-learn anime songs?

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