Holding Your Ukulele, Soloing & Learning from Others

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys cover topics ranging from beginner to experienced (but keeping a beginner mindset). Aldrine talks about the nuances of holding your ukulele. He covers the fluid nature of thumb position, doing things the "lazy" way, and adapting to different circumstances. Next up, the guys discuss soloing and the different ways to improvise a solid solo. Since soloing & learning from others go hand in hand, they wrap up the lesson by talking about the benefits of playing with amazing musicians. Aldrine shares stories about his favorite ukulele sparring partner and getting schooled by the greats.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 Thumb positions for holding different chords.

20:20 Where do you hold your ukulele in relation to your body?

24:55 Looking for the "lazy" way.

32:45 How do you make your solos sound less repetitive?

47:45 The benefits of playing with talented musicians.

57:30 What does it mean to "hang back" when playing music with someone else?

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  1. This is an excellent podcast!
    Do you’ll plan to re-record the videos where you’ll feel you’ll have progressed/changed your teaching content? I am now a bit vary of visiting the how to hold chords video. I currently pinch and will now try to incorporate what I learnt here.

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