The "Science" of Chord Substitutions

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On this week's Live Lesson, the Professor Magic Mike returns! And boy does he bring the knowledge with some serious music theory. Before digging in, the guys revisit the topic of dynamics. Mike covers the importance of dynamics, the struggles of working with high-schoolers, and a bit of italiano. They spend the rest of the lesson discussing how to implement chord substitutions with "Amazing Grace" as their example canvas. They follow the yellow brick road of music theory and explore everything from chord extensions to relative minors, and rotation of 5ths.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 The importance of dynamics and a brief lesson on the Italian language

8:35 The "science" of chord substitutions (using chord extensions)

22:45 Swapping major chords for minor chords

40:55 Using Relative Minors

52:20 Incorporating Tri-tones

101:30 Using Rotation of 5ths

1:03:45 When do relative minors work for chord substitutions?

1:03:45 When do relative minors work?

References/resources for this video:
TLL Podcast #27 - Why So Pitchy
Amazon - Play Loud Ukulele
Youtube - Spain (Chick Corea)

Uke Lesson - Amazing Grace
TLL Podcast #26 - Just "Raiatea" It (More on using chord extensions for substitutions)
Ukulele 102 - Week 6: Chord Inversions & Extensions
Music Theory - Week 6: Simple Chord Extensions
Uke Minutes - Add9 Chords

TLL Podcast #5 – Playing the Changes (Mike talks about chord tones)
Uke Minutes - Minor Scales and Chords
Youtube - Bolero (Ravel)
Youtube - Charles Ives
Youtube - Zelda's Lullaby
Youtube - Me & Shirley T (Jake Shimabukuro)

Uke Minutes - Relative Major Substitutions
Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks about Relative Minors)
Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine uses relative minor substitutions to play Drop Baby Drop)
Diagram - Circle of Fifths

Youtube - Kill Bill alarm sound

TLL Podcast #3 - Down the Hawaiian Music Rabbit Hole (Rotation of 5ths in Hawaiian Music)

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