Dynamics, Intonation Issues, & Action

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys cover a number of ukulele related topics. Aldrine talks about the importance for dynamics and offers some tips for getting started. The guys get into the nitty gritty with tuning and intonation issues. Aldrine shares a little story about his wife before talking about tremolos. They wrap up the lesson with a quick question about what can happen when your action is too low.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:10 How do you introduce dynamics into your playing?

13:20 When should you start trying to incorporate dynamics into your playing?

18:40 Do you adjust your tuning depending on where you'll play a song on the fretboard?

21:55 Intonation issues after a professional set-up.

33:50 Aldrine's Pitch Story

37:00 Do you have any recommendations for a good precision tuner?

45:15 Pressure and placement for correct fretting.

52:25 Can you use your index finger and nail to do tremolos?

58:50 What are the issues that can occur when your action is too low?

References/resources for this video:
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Website - Peterson Stomp Classic Tuner
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Ukulele 102 - Week 8: Bends, Tremolos, and Expression
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TLL Podcast #9 - Right Hand Struggles & Left Hand Learning (Aldrine talks more about action)

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