Barre Chords, Dynamic Range, & String Talk

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys discuss a number of common ukulele topics. First, Aldrine offers some example exercises for chord transitions that use barre chords. He shares his opinion on the benefits of two different styles of playing, before a couple of string related questions launch the guys into a discussion on different types of strings. They talk about strings' ability to sustain vs project, their limitations on improving playing, and experimenting with different types of strings. Aldrine wraps things up with some announcements and a string story of his own.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:30 What are exercises to improve transitions with barre chords?

15:10 What's your opinion on the dynamic ranges of different playing styles?

34:20 Do higher tension strings help with vibratos?

41:05 Sustain vs. Projection in strings

1:02:55 Do you warm-up before you play?

1:03:50 Aldrine still gets strung along.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Really enjoyed it! Hope you’ll stay safe.
    1. The song I am trying is 4 Non Blondes – Whats up, on a baritone at the 5th fret. The chords that sound right are A, Bm, D
    2. On the pinch style, I usually play for the audience of 1 or maybe 3 (family) and in a quite house, so playing between soft and very soft is important, focusing on just 2 fingers I felt that there is less muscle to build up than having good control on all fingers to have great control on the softness. When using the ring finger on the A string, trying to play soft is not as easy than just using thumb and index (and sometimes middle)

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