Uke Fests, Playing Backup, and Collaborating

The boys are back in town! And they still have ukulele festivals on their minds. On this week's Live Lesson, Aldrine kicks things off by talking about his favorite aspects of ukulele festivals. Aaron talks about a unique activity they experienced at their most recent festival, and Kahai talks about the possibility of live streaming at future festivals. Aldrine shares his never ending list of ukulele musicians he'd like to learn from. The guys fanboy out for a bit before talking about the subtleties of accompanying others and the magic that comes from collaborations.

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Questions Asked this Week:
5:35 What's your favorite part of ukulele festivals?

20:00 What aspects of a festival could you do without?

31:55 Learning by watching other musicians and hearing them talk about music.

39:45 Aldrine's ukulele teacher wish list.

45:40 How do you approach accompanying another musician?

50:25 When accompanying do you think about a melody line to connect the chords?

1:01:00 The magic of collaborating with other people.

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