History, Semantics, and Ukulele Trends

Our favorite music guru is back! On this week's Live Lesson, Mike delivers some seriously awesome ukulele history. He talks about the birth of the ukulele, its evolution, and even current trends in today's ukulele market. The guys discuss various brands of ukes, and the wide range of prices. They put Mike in the hot seat to get his take on the baritone ukulele debate, which leads to the question of "What defines an ukulele?"

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 Mike's Shirt (An Ukulele History Lesson)

13:00 Aldrine's Manuel Nunes story

16:50 Are there Hawaiian names for the different sizes of ukuleles?

25:40 Is a baritone ukulele really a uke? (Mikes take on the debate)

31:50 Is the bass still a guitar?

36:15 What trends are going on in the ukulele market?

45:20 How often do people underestimate the cost of an ukulele?

51:40 What's the lowest you can spend on a Hawaii-made, koa ukulele?

54:30 Aldrine's non-koa ukulele

1:02:30 Was re-entrant always the traditional tuning for the ukulele?

1:05:00 What defines an ukulele?

References/resources for this video:
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Diagram - How the Ukulele relates to the Guitar, Bass, and Baritone Ukulele

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Youtube - Victor and Regi Wooten
Youtube - Mike's friend Denson Angulo unboxing his Fodera

Youtube - Ask Keith Richards: Open G Tuning

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