Learn to play an easy version of "Aloha Friday" by Kimo Kahoano on Ukulele

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On this lesson of Songs Made Easy, you'll learn how to play "Aloha Friday" by Kimo Kahoano. This song uses 4 easy chords arranged in 2 different chord patterns.

If you want slightly more of a challenge, check out our Aloha Firday Whiteboard Request Lesson. It's in the Key of G using the same chords as this lesson, but Aldrine teaches you a bouncier strumming (needed to celebrate the coming weekend). He also includes a bonus picking filled with that feel good Hawaiian sound.

If you haven't guessed it already, we have played "Aloha Friday" on our Aloha Friday Jam. You can watch this Jam Replay to play along with Aldrine. He does use the bouncier strumming pattern, but you can strum along as simply as you'd like, it's Aloha Friday after all!

Stick around for more Songs Made Easy. We'll be streaming a new lesson every Thursday at 2:15 PM (HST). You're more than welcome to tune in LIVE and ask questions in the chat. Next week, we'll be jamming and reviewing the songs covered this month.

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  1. Hi Iam looking at your site and studying what you have to offer. I am new to the ukulele but I am able to play a little. I have a lot of trouble knowing how to strum. Your aloha oe play along was very helpful. I was able to play with you and it was very easy. I LOVE IT. I Will try to decide to make the commitment to join your subscription. Thanks for everything you do for beginners and may I say serious beginners like myself. Gloria

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