Learn to play "Man in Black" by Johnny Cash on Ukulele

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This month's Whiteboard Request teaches you how to play a county hit entitled "Man in Black". The song was written by legendary artist, the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. He debuted the song on his weekly television show, just one day after recording it. The song highlighted issues including poverty, drug addiction, the war in Vietnam, and mass incarceration. It was the first time Cash really explained the reasoning behind his unchanging wardrobe.

Unlike the issues covered in the lyrics, the song itself is pretty simple. It uses only 4 chords, arranged in two similar chord patterns. Aldrine shares extra pointers for each chord transition, and shows you how to play a strumming pattern with a nice "Western bounce". Lastly, he teaches you an alternative fingerpicking that follows the same rhythm. Try it out and let us know what you want to learn on the next Whiteboard Request.

Watch Johnny Cash's debut of "Man in Black": VIDEO

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