Learn to play "Halleluja" by Leonard Cohen

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Hey UUers!

August is here! And whether you're just trying to beat the heat or having fun in the sun, we've got another great Uke Lesson to keep you busy. This month, we're teaching you how to play "Hallelujah" a song written by Lenorad Cohen and later famously covered by Jeff Buckley. There are countless versions of this song, and it's been used in tons of TV shows and even made an appearance in the movie "Shrek". So it's no surprise that "Hallelujah" was one of our most requested lessons.

The song itself is pretty simple. Aldrine teahces you how to play it in the key of G, using a lot of common chords. If you do find yourself struggling with the transition between G and Em, Matt recently showed a really creative solution for that specific chord change. You can check it out on our Ukulele Webcam Sessions (Ep.68) – The BEST Way to Hold a Chord.

We want to give a BIG MAHALO to Dondi Iannucci who knocks it out of the park again with her stunning vocals in the Play-Along. You may remember Dondi from our Sign of the Times Play-Along, but you can also find her on YouTube and Facebook. Have fun with this song, feel free to make it your own, and keep strummin'

-UU Staff

Techniques Used in Lesson:


  1. Thanks a lot. A bit difficult for my begginer’s level right now, but I will keep on trying.
    Nice work.

  2. Is a download available for the chords sequence? Great lesson although I also hear what seems to be an extra chord in there which can be confusing at times.

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