Figuring out Songs, Common Chord Progressions, and Story Time

This week's Live Lesson is a balanced mix of questions and stories. The guys cover how to figure out songs by ear and recognizing common chord progressions. They also offer their best advice for figuring out your vocal range, and the time signature of a song. Between questions, Aldrine takes multiple trips down memory lane. He talks about the struggles of learning music pre-internet, why his best friend quit playing the ukulele, and a musical mean kid. The guy wrap up the lesson with some insight on "Another Day in Paradise" and some musings on the power of bass players.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:10 How do you figure out a song without a tutorial?

8:50 Aaron's approach to figuring out songs.

15:55 Old School Struggles (Aldrine's CD player story)

21:35 Why Aldrine's best friend plays the bass.

27:10 Using common chord progressions to figure out songs.

34:10 Aldrine's first experience of playing a song in a different key.

38:15 How do you figure out your vocal range?

45:05 How do you figure out the time signature of a song?

52:00 What is the chord progression of "Another Day in Paradise"?

55:00 The influence of a bass player.

References/resources for this video:
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Youtube - Kawika (Ka'au Crater Boys)

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Uke Lesson - Uptown Funk

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Ukulele 102 - Week 6: Chord Inversions & Extensions
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