Learn to play "Have It All" by Jason Mraz

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Hey UUers!

June is here! Which means Dads and Grads are being celebrated around the world. And we can't think of a more fitting song for this month's Uke Lesson than "Have It All" by Jason Mraz. If the quick-witted lyrics are too fast to prove our point, then the Play-Along for this lesson will surely melt your heart. At just a couple of months old, our special guest Elle Guerrero definitely steals the spotlight from her Dad in the Play-Along Video!

"Have It All" is an incredibly upbeat and cheerful tune that gives you the perfect opportunity to practice some of the trickier chord shapes on the ukulele. Aldrine walks you through all the chords and shares lots of useful tips to help you along the way. He shows you how to play the 4 different chord patterns, and 2 different picking parts included in the song. Aldrine also teaches you how to play a fairly simple strumming, as well as a more involved strumming pattern that sticks closer to the original recording. There are some challenging elements to this tune, so take your time with the chords and the strumming. But any Dad or Graduate out there knows that most good things in life take time and perseverance. So keep at it and have fun!

-UU Staff

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  1. Oh Dear Lord I feel old. I’ve been watching Aldrine’s videos since he was a young lad. He still is in comparison to me but it is great to see everyone grow. Elle is BEAUTIFUL and obviously takes after her Mom. 😉 I do so appreciate Aldrine’s sharing his family with the world. I actually had a tear in my eye … must be allergies. Happy Father’s Day early Aldrine. You done good. Oh, the song’s not bad either <>

  2. Ryan Reynolds said it best, ‘having children is the most common thing, yet it’s the most profound’. I truly believe that. Great job Aldrine

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