Moving On, Making Mistakes, and Letting Go

Aaron "The Voice" returns! And on this week's Thursday Live Lesson, the guys explore the importance of a "close enough" mindset. Aldrine suggests a beginner's path to UU+ and explains the "fingerprint" nature of learning music. He explains when you should move on from lesson to lesson, and song to song. Kahai offers some advice for people who hit a musical plateau, which leads the guys to an honest discussion about playing songs "perfectly". Aaron goes deep and talks about the difficulty of accepting short comings as a beginner, and the need to let go of any preconceived standards for one's self. Aldrine wraps up the lesson by offering some of his best advice for taking on an open mic.

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:10 When should you begin learning something new?

12:40 Learning new songs and revisiting old songs.

19:00 How quickly should you go through the UU University courses?

25:55 What's the difference between the old UU University courses and the new ones?

28:35 What should you do when you plateau?

38:10 Playing a song in it's entirety and making mistakes.

42:10 Another Jake Story (Everyone makes mistakes)

46:20 Having fun and playing like a kid.

50:10 Accepting where you are in your ukulele journey.

1:00:10 How good should you be before trying the open mic?

1:04:35 Aldrine's tips for open mics.

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