Levels of a Beginner, Music's Road Map & New Goals

Mike (the music guru) Odo returns for another Thursday Live Lesson. In the past, Mike and Aldrine have gone deep down the music theory rabbit hole. But this week, they have a philosophical conversation about the journey of a musician. Aldrine shares his take on what counts as a "beginner", Kahai brings up the wide range of "advanced" players, and Mike reveals the vast branching of music's road map. The guys also discuss the various levels of music, and the difficulty with ranking oneself. They talk about constantly setting new goals, and Mike offers some super sage advice. Aldrine wraps up the lesson with a hilarious and shameless Jake story.

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:50 When are you ready to move on to the next level of music?

8:30 What classifies as a "beginner"?

20:50 The truth about "advanced" techniques.

26:00 Music's Road Map

29:35 How do you measure your progress?

32:20 The levels of being a beginner.

42:40 "Beginner" isn't a derogatory term.

47:10 New Goals & Moving Targets

49:05 The Imitation Game & Second Rate Copies

55:10 Aldrine's hilarious Jake story.

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  1. I feel like I have advanced a little each time I watch my old practice videos. Recording the same song over a period of time helps me continue to practice rather than feeling stagnant.

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