Chord Inversions, Musical Choices & Breaking the Rules

This week's Live Lesson focuses largely on musical choices. Aldrine starts off the lesson by explaining chord inversions and why he usually plays them using just the bottom 3 strings. The guys discuss how their appreciation for music evolves as they learn more theory and technique. They talk about instances of musicians throwing out the rule book and the magic that comes from those unorthodox decisions. Aldrine finishes the lesson by explaining why he uses the soprano ukulele for recording his rhythm tracks, and he gives some insider info on a couple of his original tunes.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:05 Why do you usually play chord inversions using just the bottom 3 strings?

14:00 An overused ukulele run.

19:30 Aldrine is still a Jake fanboy.

23:00 Appreciating music through music theory.

29:00 The technique that blew Aldrine's mind.

36:00 Different ukulele styles around the world.

40:50 Breaking the normal rules of music.

53:20 Why do you prefer the Soprano Ukulele for strumming only?

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