Performance Jitters, Liquid Courage, & Ice Cream Sandwiches

This week's Live Lesson is all about performing tips, food, and drinking. Aldrine starts with some feedback for a student review, which leads to a discussion on the use of pre-performance liquid courage. Aldrine shares his thought on drinking and eating before stepping on stage. He also explains how he uses his breathing to improve his playing. To top off the drinking talk, Aldrine answers a question about playing the intro to Margaritaville. The guys go on a little ice cream sandwich detour while Aaron reminisces about the good old days, and they wrap things up with some tips for learning the Bob's Burgers theme song.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 Student Review

12:40 What's your take on having a drink or two prior to performing?

16:25 Do you eat before you go on stage?

19:50 Ice Cream Sandwiches

22:25 UU Lore: Greg (The First UU Employee)

26:30 The negative effects of liquid courage and performing.

28:45 Using your breathing to improve your playing. (PHRASING!)

33:10 How do you play the intro to Margaritaville with more volume?

40:50 How do you step outside of the box when playing a song?

42:20 Performing Tips & Performance Jitters

54:55 Any tips for learning the rhythm to the Bob's Burgers theme song?

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