Pickups, Pull-offs, and Performing

This week on Thursday Live Lesson, the guys begin by talking about a luthier refusing to install a specific pickup. The conversation meanders toward finding experienced luthiers, brave DIY-ers, and broken instruments that still sound great. Aldrine answers a few technique related questions before going off on another ukulele tangent. The guys also talk about a few amazing female ukulele players before offering tips on stage presence.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 Luthier refusing to install a specific pickup.

17:55 Broken instruments sounding better prior to being fixed.

22:15 What is the best way to transition from F to Bb while incorporating pinky mutes?

36:45 How much volume should I get from pull-offs?

45:00 Girls who rock the ukulele

51:15 Any tips for stage presence and performing?

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