Learn to play an easy version of "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett on Ukulele

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On this lesson of Songs Made Easy, you'll learn how to play "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett. This feel good song is popular with many ukulele clubs. It's usually played in the key of D, but for this lesson Adlrine takes it down to the key of C to make it even easier. He shows you how to play the 4 simple chords and the two chord patterns you'll need. Aldrine also breaks down a straightforward strumming pattern.

If you want to learn "Margaritaville" in it's original key, check out our Whiteboard Request Lesson. To stay truer to Jimmy the Buffett version, Aldrine teaches you a slightly more elaborate strumming pattern and a bonus picking intro. Like many other ukulele clubs, we sometimes indulge in a little Margaritaville during our Aloha Friday Jams. If you want to want to hear our Whiteboard version of the song in its entirety, or if you want to challenge yourself and play along, you can check it out on this Jam Replay.

Stick around for more Songs Made Easy. We'll be streaming a new lesson every Thursday at 2:15 PM (HST). You're more than welcome to tune in LIVE and ask questions in the chat. Next week Thursday, we'll be reviewing and jamming the 4 songs we learned this month.

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