Learn to play an easy version of "I Hear Music" by the Ka'au Crater Boys on Ukulele

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For this lesson of Songs Made Easy, you'll learn how to play "I Hear Music" by the Ka'au Crater Boys. The original version of this song is done in the key of Gm, but to make the chords easier to play and gentler on the hands, Aldrine brings it up a step to the key of Am. This song only uses 4 repeating chords, so Aldrine will teach you how to hold and transition between them. He also shows you an easy strumming pattern to play throughout the song.

If you want to challenge yourself, check out our "I Hear Music" Uke Lesson. It is an intermediate level lesson, so both the chords and strumming pattern are tougher. Most of the song calls for barre chords, and Aldrine plays an upbeat reggae strum that utilizes mutes. He also teaches you a ripping picking solo that will have your fingers flying. But what fun is life without challenges? So if you're up for the task or you just want to hear some reggae ukulele, check it out!

Stick around for more Songs Made Easy. We'll be streaming a new lesson every Thursday at 2:15 PM (HST). You're more than welcome to tune in LIVE and ask questions in the chat. This month, we'll have 2 more song lessons, and on the last Thursday, we'll be jamming the songs we learned.

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