The Flood, Circle of Fifths and Ukulele Upkeep

This week's Thursday Live Lesson is a bit of a mixed bag. The guys cover a variety of topics including the recent flooding on Kauai, how to use the circle of fifths, and general ukulele upkeep. Aldrine explains how to identify the chords in any given key, using a number of different methods. Kahai chimes in with his own chord-key memory aid. While bio-major-Aaron suggest a nifty way to spruce up the circle of fifths diagram. Aldrine gives a rundown for ukulele maintenance, and shares a hilarious story about his first tour on the mainland. The guys also discuss how humidity can affect your ukulele before ending with some quick Q&A.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 Is everyone safe and dry?

9:10 How do you know what chords are in a key?

20:20 Where do the Roman numerals fit on the Circle of Fifths?

27:00 Can you label the circle of fifths with Roman numerals?

29:40 Maintenance routine for ukulele upkeep.

38:00 Traveling with your ukulele and slacking the strings.

44:20 Aldrine's Mouse Story

47:00 How humidity and heat affects your ukulele.

57:40 My fretwires feel sharp; should I have it fixed?

1:01:30 Can you make an EC style course for hammer-ons and pull-offs?

1:03:00 What upcoming ukulele festivals will you be playing at?

1:04:50 Do you still review homework videos for Ukulele 101?

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