Performing Tips and Sight Reading Tricks

This week on Thursday Live Lesson, Aaron (the Voice) returns. The guys welcome him home with open arms and a hearty session of talking story. Aldrine answers a question about playing without the use of sheet music by offering some of his tips for memorization. He also confesses his own performance jitters and lyrical shortcomings which leads the guys to each share their own "fake it till you make it" stories. Aldrine also discusses his thought on natural performances vs perfection and polish. A tangent or two later, he wraps up the lesson by answering a few quick ukulele related questions.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:55 How do you play on the spot without music to look at?

18:45 Sight Reading (or lack thereof)

40:10 Spontaneity vs. Polish

45:40 A Ken Middleton Story

49:00 Improvising and Tabs

52:00 How do you avoid unwanted noise when releasing chords?

54:15 How do you support your uke when switching from G to Em?

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