More Music Theory with Mike: Key Centers, Scales, and Improvising

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys discuss key centers, scales, and improvising. With Aaron "the Voice" busy gearing up for his ultra marathon, Mike "the Music Guru" returns to lend a hand. Aldrine, Mike, and Kahai team up to cover all sorts of music theory ground. They begin by continuing a discussion from last week's lesson on key centers. Mike explains what key centers are, and their importance. He also explains the value of learning scales, and how to improvise using chord tones. Kahai brings in his ipu for some show-n-tell, and Aldrine challenges Mike to connect the dots between an ipu and jazz music. The Music Guru delivers BIG time! Mike and Aldrine finish out the lesson with a lighting round of Q&A.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 What are key centers?

13:15 The value of learning scales.

18:30 Using your voice to learn music.

20:45 Learning to improvise using chord tones.

23:35 The importance of key centers.

34:20 Innovation in Music

37:25 What is an ipu?

42:50 Connect the dots: Ipus and Jazz Music

44:10 What are octaves?

45:45 What is an accidental?

48:00 Why do we play a B Diminished 7th chord with the C Chord Family?

51:15 How did you transpose Waiting in Vain?

55:15 How do you play in octaves?

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